Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol round 2 - top 10 guys

No time to do a full liveblog tonight, so I'll just give a quick recap of each performer.

Michael Johns - I really haven't been all that impressed with Michael, ever. (Have I? Check my previous posts.) He's terribly inconsistent, and tonight was one of his worst. I'm not sure what people like so much about him. Is it the accent? Funny that Paula calls him "consistent". As usual, Simon's spot on and Paula is... well, Paula.

Jason Castro - When he started out, just him playing guitar and singing, I was really impressed. He reminds me a little of Jason Mraz or John Mayer. Certainly one of the top 4 guys. Randy is right, though... the vocals alone weren't that strong, but I like him as a performer overall.

Luke Menard - I found him very forgettable and ordinary tonight. I mean he's good but nothing special. Meh.

Robbie Carrico - His voice sounds very much like Chris Daughtry's but not quite as good or distinct, and he's also lacking Chris's personality. It was a solid performance, but I wasn't blown away. I wouldn't be disappointed or surprised if he goes home this week or next.

Danny Noriega - I so want this guy and his Jennifer Aniston hairdo to go home! OK, he gave a solid performance, but again there was nothing special.

David Hernandez - He was one of my Hollywood favorites, and he gives another very good performance. He doesn't just sing the song, he performs it! It's far from ordinary. He had one or two pitchy notes but the performance was great overall. Without a doubt one of the top four guys, and the judges all gave him rave reviews. I'm SO glad to see Simon eat his words!

Jason Yeager - I thought he had an excellent but forgettable performance last week, so I'm glad to see him come out rocking this week. I liked it better than Randy... I thought it was far better than last week, and I do like him. I think he's still worthy of the top six.

Chikezie - This week is far better than last week, but he looks like Gary Coleman in the layered polo shirts and red Chuck Taylors. I wouldn't be sad to see him go, but he'll probably stick around. I do love his attitude, ripping on Simon! He's a quick wit!

David Cook - David's out to prove that he's a real rocker, complete with electric guitar. Another good performance but I just don't see anything special in him. I could see that performance in any bar any weekend. He is a decent guitar player, though. He's probably top 6 material, but probably not top 4.

David Archuleta - David gives another brilliant performance tonight, for any age. He's obviously the clear favorite right now, but can he win the whole thing? We've seen what happens with the early favorites in the past, most noteably Chris Daughtry. Can he hold on till the end? My prediction is that he'll finish third or fourth.

So, based on tonight's performances, the worst two were Michael Johns and Luke Menard. However, I think Michael will be safe for another week. This is a tough one... based on overall performances, I'd say it should be Luke and either Danny or Chikezie to go home, but I'm a bit worried about Jason Yeager, mostly because of the judges' comments. I guess if I had to pick two based on everything (all performances, judges' comments, audience reation, and personality), I'd predict Luke and Jason to go home this week.

The top three guys are easy -- David A., David H., and Jason C. The fourth, fifth, and sixth are quite a bit tougher. Michael Johns has a big following despite his mediocre performances. Danny is also a big crowd favorite, and Chikezie is the only African-american in the group which gives him a built-in following, because we all know that Idol voters vote along color lines. Then you've got your two rockers, David Cook and Robbie, and I don't think there's room for both of them in the top six -- the question is whether either of them is good enough to beat out Michael, Danny or Chikezie.

p.s. I'm a bit worried about Jason Castro since DialIdol currently has him at the bottom of their rankings! Not good!

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