Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol round 2 - top 10 girls

Time for another night of Idol liveblogging, although apparently Blogger has a scheduled outage at 9pm Eastern, so I'll take that time to give Little Miss a bath.

Carly Smithson kicks off the show singing Heart's "Crazy On You". It's a great song choice for her, although she did have a few pitch problems. I can't believe how Simon gushes over her -- I think she's good, but not THAT good. But maybe Simon's right and she just hasn't picked the right song to truly showcase her voice.

Wow, Syesha can imitate a crying baby dead on! She does a twist on "Me and Mrs. Jones", changing it to Mr. Jones. I'm a little worried because this song just doesn't showcase her fantastic vocal talents. It COULD, though -- if you've ever heard Daryl Hall sing this song, you know what I mean. She does an admirable job but it's just not a good song choice -- as Randy says. (That's one point!) She's still my favorite though.

Up next is Brooke White, also playing guitar tonight. She picks another great song, although it's really no surprise she would pick Carly Simon. Once again she does a respectable job, but I wasn't blown away. I do think, as Simon has said about others, that playing an instrument detracts from the vocal performance. I think singers are worrying too much about their playing and let their vocals slip. *Ding* -- score two for Marc as Randy echoes my words yet again about song choice. (We won't score another point for Paula repeating what Randy said.) OK, now Simon says it too, so I don't feel nearly as original. :)

Ramiele Malubay is fourth tonight. At least her hula dancing is better than Sanjaya's!! Her song choice is awful -- there are only two very short segments that really showcase her powerful voice. She's also very pitchy in spots. It's such a boring song, too ... the melody just repeats over and over again. The judges all echo the same sentiments, but they all like her as a singer overall. Still not one of my faves though.

Well I had to take a break there to play with Little Miss a while and then get her into bed, but now I'm back to the DVR to finish up.

Next up is Kristy Lee Cook. For a self-professed tomboy, she sure does clean up nice! As usual, she gives a good, solid performance, but she's still forgettable. Hmm... she does have maybe one hint of some power there in the middle. Randy says it really well when he says he was looking for "some breakout moments"... points to Randy for saying what I've been trying to put into words! Simon makes a good point too, that it's not clear what type of singer she really is and could probably "make a statement" if she finds her genre.

After the break is Amanda Overmeyer. I caught part of her performance live the first time around, so I already know what I have to say. She picks a great song, "Carry On Wayward Son", but what happened to her?? She sounds AWFUL! She's terribly flat all through the first verse, and she knows it -- it even looks like she might cry! It only gets marginally better as she goes on. She must be sick or something. The hair is hideous too! You know it was bad when Paula leads off by complimenting her dancing! It's a shame too, because I really like her. I hope she's safe because she's still one of the best 4 or 5 girls.

Alaina Whitaker is gonna sing Hopelessly Devoted To You? Uh oh! But first, a little insight into Alaina's obsessive-compulsive eating habits. LOL! She does a decent job, without too much country twang, except when it comes to the high notes which she overshoots. Ouch. Once again, a good performance, but nothing memorable.

Next up is Alexandrea Lushington. She sings a Chicago tune and it's just awful. She can't find the pitch to save her life. It doesn't get any better when she tries to change it up either. Wow, what is with these song choices tonight? Wow, she knows exactly how bad it was too. Simon probably says it best when he calls it "boring". Too bad because I liked her last week.

Kady Malloy is our next performer, and once again she picks the absolute wrong song for her voice, Heart's "Magic Man". (With all those 70's songs to choose from, did they really have to pick two Heart songs?) It's not bad, but it's too low for her and she doesn't have a chance to shine at all. Randy calls it an "interesting" song choice, and Paula mentions the trouble with the low notes (*ding* another point for me).

[Side note: I'm watching the DialIdol stats now and I'm VERY concerned about Syesha, who's currently shown in second-last place. Uh oh!]

Last up tonight is another of my favorites, Asia'h Epperson. It's interesting that she makes the connection between performing as a cheerleader and performing on Idol. She seems to be the only one who realizes that you can't just get up there and sing, you need to PERFORM too. Unfortunately she picks an awful song for her range, Celene's "All By Myself" -- way too low for her. She completely misses one of the early high notes... I wonder if she's sick??? But WOW, she really belts it out at the end! Fantastic ending. Randy does mention that she was sick. Simon thinks the song is too big for her, but I have to disagree. I think that ordinarily, she would've been able to pull that off.

Boy, what a let-down overall! Watching the recap, I have to say Carly actually had one of the better performances! It's always hard to tell with the very first performance of the night. I still like Syesha, Asia'h and Amanda, despite less-than-stellar performances by all of them. So who's going home this week? Based on this week's performance alone, it should probably be Amanda and either Alexandrea or Kady. But based on past performances, I think Amanda and possibly Alexandrea will be safe for another week. That leaves Kristy Lee and Alaina, both of whom were forgettable tonight, joining Kady in my bottom three.

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